“Where the mind is caged, how can the body be free.”

 “Where the mind is caged, how can the body be free.”

It’s the day of the year again when everyone turns ultra patriotic. What’s app chats abound with ‘Happy Independence Day’ messages.

The commercial side of it means every Supermarket, every restaurant, each corner of the mall has offers to lure you.

As a child, the day would be important for the holiday we got and the prime minister’s address which my parents would look forward to. As I grew up, the holiday concept became more important because when you work 6 days a week for 8 hrs plus the 1-1.5 hr it takes to commute, the extra holiday in a week becomes much important.

After I moved out of India, I stopped listening to the much looked political speech too. To be true it does not infuse any nationalist sentiments in me. Over the past years, the country has become more and more radicalised and sitting miles away, the projected media image whether it is true or just a mirage, makes you feel sadder.

To me religion is personal, and I try to imbibe good from everyone I meet, every belief I see. The radicalised Indian is not my cup of tea, even though I keep that seeing each day within my friends,my family and so on.

The mind is within cage still even though most of the countries are free. This Independence day what I wish for my countrymen is freedom from this thought process. I long to go back to childhood where we celebrated all the religious festivals with same fervour. I long to go back to that truly secular India, where religion is just my means to connect to my God.

Till then, freedom is a long way.

Have you seen birds flying in the sky. They know no borders, no religion. Yet there is an order even among them!

Have you seen sunlight, wind, water restricting themselves. So why we humans, the most superior brain get entangled in these wires.

A food for thought!! Do chip in with your comments.

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