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The other day, junior wanted to see a movie. I was bit sceptical.

“Haven’t you heard Dr Fauci! Closed spaces are more risky. We will be sitting inside a movie hall with unknown people breathing in the same air.”

Hubby was bit more relaxed. “We will go in off peak hours, and already cinemas are implementing all proper protocols with only reduced capacity. Plus we will have masks on.”

So, we went to see a movie selected by junior. The movie hall is one of the busiest ( Vox – Deira city centre ), yet even on entering we saw it deserted. No one to buy popcorns and Nachos.

The entire staff was wearing face masks properly ( covering the nose and the mouth). We too had our face masks on and wore all the time even during the show. Sanitizers were installed at convenient locations.

The icing on the cake was we were the only three people in the hall. No need to book the hall, as was being advertised. We had the entire hall to ourselves, just paying the price of three tickets. The capacity had been clearly reduced by clearly marking which seats we could sit and which were not to be used. Even while booking, we could only book two seats together. The third person had to sit two seats apart. After every screening, the shows have a gap of 30 minutes, so that the hall can be sanitized.

I enjoyed the movie. It had been 7 months, since I had seen one in the theatre.

Here are some of the tips, if you plan on catching a movie. ( VOX CINEMAS, UAE )

  1. You can watch a Family and Friends private Cinema .. Book the auditorium for just AED 450 and watch with 10 people your close family and friends.. Peace of mind assured as you are not mingling with people you do not know.
  2. Vox cinemas – drive in experience at Mall of emirates. Enjoy the movie in the safety and comfort of your own car. You just have tune your radio frequency for the movie audio to be streamed to the car. The package priced at AED 180 + VAT includes movie tickets for two, plus generous food and drinks including your favourite nachos and popcorns.
  3. If you don’t want to spend that much, don on your face mask, choose morning or afternoon shows and just go ahead.

Do let me know if you found these tips useful. Lets not allow covid to hamper our life, economy and lets be responsible citizens. I have my face mask covering my nose and mouth for the entire duration i spend outside my house.

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