Let’s all walk that X-tra Mile!

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Covid has affected each and every phase of life. This world has always been divided into haves and haves-not. Somehow, the pandemic has made this differentiation more prominent. There will always be the rich who are not affected by the pandemic. Their might be a slight decline in the profits which they will take out on the employees by laying them off or reducing the salaries, so that they sail through easily and royally. And then there is the middle class, which has worked hard to improve the chances for their progeny to excel. However, with lay offs, and schools shutting the doors, the chances of improving the economic and social standoff has received a setback. Last of all is the poor, who have been pushed more into poverty.

I always have loved my job, though it tires me and at the end of the day i wish for a relaxed life. Why I love being a doctor is that it helps me help someone in need. Sometimes i might not be able to help, but by just listening to someone or guiding someone i feel i am able to ease a little burden. I have always kept this mantra to help anyone in need in whatever little capacity i can. When we had the surge in Jan and Feb, many parents in my son’s school what’s app group who felt helpless with the situation. Someone had a family member sick, others were grappling with the vaccine, where to take, why to take and then they had endless queries about covid. Knowing the confusion caused by social media, I always tried to do my bit by listening to their questions and clearing away the doubts as much as I could in whatever limited knowledge I had. Sometimes a kind word and an ear to listen is the best help you can give to someone. I always feel thankful to God for this opportunity I have because of being in this profession.

The world is going through some turbulent times. We might not have still a cure for this nasty virus, but we all can still give it a toss by staying upbeat and lifting each other up. Many families have one or the other family member affected. Reach out to them by a phone call or a message. Sometimes just a little gesture uplifts a person.

There are many families where the kids are abroad and the elderly all get affected or there are youngsters staying alone. Most of them need help getting medicines or food. It does not take much, just a few phone calls or a delivery at their doors. The situation is past Stay home and Stay safe. Now is the time to don your protective gear, help others may be by reaching out to them with help for home cooked or even hotel cooked light food, medicines, arranging ambulances, baby sitting from far etc etc. It is time for each one to go out that extra mile for the humanity to heal not just from covid but the aftermath.

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