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I am back with my Thursday Thoughts. Writing one blog post a week! Is it such a big deal? Well, some days it is, especially in the crazy times we are living in. There was a time, when i started my blog and I could write daily. I thought I could change the world with my words. May be age has made me wiser, and I no longer harbor such notions.

July has started and one wonders how time is running at its full pace, and even the novel coronavirus. The only thing which has slowed is the life of millions, and the economies too. So in these turbulent times, i am trying to make a difference through my blog, and even if this reaches out and helps a single person, i would feel Words can make a difference.

This is my 3rd week, with #ThursdayThoughts. The previous two posts can be read here: Journey to Peace Within !!Let go !!!

How do you release your pent up emotions?

Most of us internalize hurt, anger, rejection so as not to offend others. Over time these things can lead to a meltdown and depression, if unchecked for long. When I was a child, I would always wonder that most of the females would always crib over their husbands/in-laws etc. Similarly, in Dad’s club, I would hear bitching about bosses. If I look back, this was the way for them to deal with the issues, and release the unsaid thoughts. I grew up with the notion that gossiping is bad and for a long time, I would internalize everything. I kept a diary even in my school days and writing has always been therapeutic for me. I found my blog and this became a way for me to release myself.

Writing is a great way to release emotions, especially for introverts. Just sit down with a diary and a pen and try to process what made you angry/sad? What was it that got you worked up so much. Once we are able to give a voice to our emotions, we always feel better.

Talking to your close friends is another great way to release these feelings. Is their any better way to vent out, then talking to your closest pal, who is non-judgmental and who understands you in and out. As we grow older, we surround ourselves with imaginary walls. Believe me, they are breakable. Your close friend is always just a phone call away.

When we are small, we are so simple. A child will cry, laugh, shout uninhibited. However, we adults make it all complex. “Boys do not cry, Girls don’t shout” and fill our mind all such notions that by the time we are grown up, all we know and bother is about socially acceptable, and end up being depressed, sad lifeless adults. Nothing is more important than your mental and physical health. Unexpressed emotions drain us of energy, lead to burnouts, physical and mental fatigue, anxiety, headaches, muscular pains. Don’t let those feelings suck out happiness from your life.

See you next week. Till then, let me know what you did. Did you reach out to a friend or picked up journal.


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