Live like there’s no tommorow…

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My earliest brush with death was when I was around 17 years old. I lived in a small community, a college or professors colony which had just 17 houses then. That is my earliest memory of death in one of those 17 houses. That uncle was young, had two small kids in primary and he was heart patient. He had an Ischemic heart Disease at a very young age, and from whatever I do remember, much of his heart wall was damaged.

One night, his condition worsened. He was taken overnight to PGI, Chandigarh. Early morning we heard that he did not survive and his body was being brought back.

That was a day in the month of February, when sun doesn’t shine always. All I remember is that it was a cloudy glommy day. That was the first I saw a young death in such close quarters. That family got uprooted, the wife along with her two children went back to live in her native village.

Yesterday, a colleague of ours had a sudden cardiac arrest and did not survive. He was just 31, and had got married just a year and a half back.

I wonder at life, how fragile it is!

So many times we hear of someone whom we spoke a day or just a few hours before, and the next you hear about them that they are no more.

However this very truth that death is inevitable does not prevent people from being mean, cruel or sarcastic not only to others but to themselves even.

Sometimes I think of the petty politics which runs not just in countries, but in families, at workplaces, in classrooms and so on. These days we lead super stressed up lives. We carry work tensions home, and we carry tensions of family and friends to work.

Life has become so sophisticated yet when do we ever step out of our shell or our comfort zones to be with our loved ones. We run towards that materialistic goal of saving and earning for future forgetting that even this life is not in our hands.

No one knows if that very moment or that very day is the last one in their lives, yet we carry so much of grudge, so much of hatred and live the lives with a heavy heart.

Fragile super ego ! Which prevents many from accepting the love or giving the same to another! None would matter once the person is no more.

Would the degrees or the bank balance matter once we are gone!

From the dust you come, and to the dust shall you return!

Do not wait for tomorrow to make things right!

Do not wait for tomorrow and leave conversations unanswered.

Do not let your ego or your tempers to break the chain of love and friendships.

Do not wait for another day to live a happy life, cherish what you have, savour in today and live each moment the way you want to.

Let 2020 begin with this wisdom to lead you wherever you want.

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