Life long learning !

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One thing that medicine teaches you is being humble. The more knowledge you have on the complex human body, the more you realise that your learning is not complete. Good doctors are always thirsty for more knowledge! However, once you are out of the confines of a medical college you are thurst into the real world of not just patients, but also the convoluted aspects of daily living.

A student just out of medical college usually feels accomplished of having reached there, but soon he realises he’s just equivalent to the kindergarten setup of school. After passing MD, I was pretty sure I had done and dusted. No more exams or degrees for me. Yet, a few years later the urge to study made me enroll in one thing or the other.

My husband was smarter though. He never stopped studying only. He married his college sweetheart, knowing that she will fully take care of all other aspects of his life. After MD in Anesthesia, he continued studying to finally become an intensivist. At that time, I was content to just be what I was, so I thought he would have a pause button after this. However, he would grow restless if he did not have next destination in mind. One exam led to another, and he still spends most of his idle time studying, either enrolled in an exam to add another feather to his cap or busy publishing his latest research.

Well, we are not the only nuts. As the ever growing diseases and the microbes continue to challenge the mankind, doctors turn to each other, to the experts and continually keep updating themselves on the latest and the best. The doctors who do not do so find themselves redundant. Next time you see/ hear a doctor attending a conference, don’t imagine him sitting on a beach in Hawaii. The photo captured on the beach is just one side of the story. He might have slogged himself all day long to earn a restful day.

The covid pandemic brought the conferences/ CME nearer by bringing them on the online platform. As with everyone now we have an infodemic, yet like all we too miss the face to face conferences and the outing that would follow!

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