Journey to Peace Within !!Journey to Peace Within !!

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Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

How many times in life, all of us have come across depressing, sorrowful journeys which somehow seem never ending? Life is never a smooth ride. Someone close falls sick, someone dies, one loses a job, betrayal, heartache are some of such events which throw us off the track.

Covid has brought many people at such cross roads. To add, life has become more virtual, then it was a few months before. Online school, work from home, the human interaction has minimized !!

Someone might say, so what I just had a Zoom chat with my bestie. Well, that’s a sliver lining. Even though locked miles away, atleast in the virtual world we have met. But can that replace the human touch!! Absolutely not !! A hug, a pat on the back, holding hands can say what words can never convey.

It’s not surprising that people are more depressed. I’m not an expert, but picking out leaf from my own life, when thing which has always helped me bounce back is turning inwards. It was not easy the first time, when someone told me to do meditation and follow Sadhguru.

I didn’t know much about Sadhguru then. Instead I found some online meditation on YouTube via Art of living. The key was to surrender and focus within. I had never done any Happiness program then.

Over the years, I did many meditation sessions with both Sadhguru live, and art of living as well. I found that I still was too young to surrender myself to their philosophies. I couldn’t do blindly like many disciples. I have that questioning mind. My take home message from either of them was that the inner joy comes from within, not your relationships, not your social standing, not the money. Whatever you do, you have to be mindful of your actions.

Coming back to meditation, closing my eyes and bringing myself to the present always keeps me grounded. Whether it’s just 10 minutes in the morning, it keeps me relaxed.

To the overactive mind, it seems a difficult task, but believe me it isn’t.

Find a comfortable place. I’ve never been able to sit cross-legged on floor. So I prefer sitting on the couch cross-legged with my back straight. Hands can be placed loosely in the lap or in the yoga mudra. If you are beginner, try putting in a soft music.

Next step is to concentrate on your breath. I try to focus on my third eye. The spot between both the eyes. You don’t become thought free. Thoughts come and go but you don’t have to let them stay. If you find yourself doing that, break it by focussing on your breath.

I’m not an expert and what I’ve shared here is totally my personal view. Do let me know what are your thoughts?

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Here I’m sharing some beautiful videos which I still do use.

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