Is the Doomsday Near !

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Covid 19 /nCoV / Coronavirus is not a news anymore. The tiny Virus which most people thought would affect Chinese only has long traveled the world, reaching every nook and corner. No country, race, religion or gender has been spared.

Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” is understood more by these tiny organisms. Whenever any bacteria or virus acquires a favorable mutation which enhances it’s ability to live, the mutation is rapidly passed on to the entire species or genus without any discrimination. In contrast, discrimination is embedded in humans, be it is rich or poor, male or female. The ethnic, religious or cultural differences are so inborn in us that we even fail to look at other individuals as human being.

Isn’t this pandemic here to teach us a lesson?

Who is responsible for this pandemic? No it’s not China or US! It is the human greed. China’s wild wet markets have proven to be the grounds for viral jump from one species to another. Wildlife trade and consumption has been evaluated at $74 billion.Most of the countries spend more on arms, ammunition and military research for a world war situation. Yet none was prepared for the Third World War ( Isn’t the current situation Viral – Human World war ? )

The current situation is a direct reminder for us to not meddle with Nature. We humans are the only species who find it fit to mould resources as we need. We are responsible for extinction of species, destruction of natural habitats, illegal poaching and climate change.

Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species – ours – appears to be almost wholly responsible.

The pandemic originated in Wuhan, China as early as November 2019. The outright denial of the situation led to its spread world over. By the time Chinese government announced the emergence of virus many Chinese had traveled around the world for celebration of Chinese New Year. The Government took critical steps with almost complete lock down, yet it took them almost 2 months to control the epidemic.

Every other country responded by travel restrictions to and from China. Yet still 2 months later, we have a second peak and on March 18 alone 20,584 cases were reported from all over the world. So, who is responsible for this pandemic. It is the Human Ego. Every person / every country thinks I am invincible. With the initial assumption that it comes from bats/snakes, all those who did not eat them felt that they wouldn’t have the disease. Rest of the world simply assumed themselves safe as they were not Chinese.

Most of the countries have placed global travel restrictions and quarantine measures. Yet, this false ego prevents people from accepting this basic truth that they could be the next. Many business houses are still running as if they are immune. Marriage, Birthday parties, functions are still being held. It would just take 1 infected person to spread viruses to all attending. Yet people are still continuing with life as if it won’t affect them.

  • Social distancing
  • Keep away from sick
  • If you are sick please isolate yourself
  • Take care of hygiene
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Do not touch your face
  • Take care of Immunity
  • Eat Healthy

Above all are simple measures, easy to follow. Yet many want to find complex measures like drinking cow’s urine /Arsenic etc.

Many Business houses are still running forgetting that now is the time for CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ). Even if they don’t donate but slow down by letting their employees stay at home, it would be a great favor to the healthcare.

Do not visit a hospital for routine stuff. All that can wait. If a tooth extraction or a chronic pain has been ignored, please ignore it a little more. You might infect yourself by coming in contact with an infected person.

Private Healthcare ( Thanks to the big business houses who have made it a business ) should own their responsibility and contribute by supporting the government hospitals with manpower, equipment, space whatever is required.

Let’s face this. No country or person is immune. Please help control this pandemic. We all can do it together, or else Doomsday is near.

Lets face it !

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