G for Genius and Not so Genius!

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Like every other branch, Medical college too has a mix of students! A perfect blend of people who have managed to defy the Newton’s law of gravity ( not literally ! ) and reach the medical college.  Some reach just by luck, some have burnt midnight oil and some come by sheer genius. I guess most are just destined to be there rest all is the conspiracy of the universe. ( As Shahrukh Khan says! )

These personalities become manifest during the five years of graduation and later during the cut throat competition of the MD entrance. Our batch too was a mix of such enigmatic people, many of whom I’m still in awe of.

One of the most spectacular students in my batch was a blend of sheer genius and hard work. He was responsible for creation of all the mnemonics. He would read, comprehend and then teach others. His understanding of the subject was just superb. He could simplify everything and explain you it in an easy language that you would never forget it again. One of other genius friends never attended college. He enjoyed all throughout the four years and yet during every exam, he would become a mentee of the above and pass with flying colors. Later however having taken a break year after completing MBBS and having given a year of thought to what he wanted to do, he finally left the comfort of his home and family. He joined his mentor and studied in his shadow while the other one was already being grilled in his residency. Both of them are now well settled in the specialties they choose and you would be able to guess the 1st one is a teacher in medical college.

Another friend of mine would resort to ‘Champi’ – putting oil in hair and getting it rubbed in her scalp courtesy Mausi’s in hostel. This was as per her the age old fool proof method of keeping her mind sharp. This was in addition to the rigorous study schedule she followed. Totally sorted out person, clear in her ideas about life, study and everything else. Every parents dream child ! No doubt she topped 2nd year university exam.

The one whom I’m married to now had a photogenic memory. Good at so called “Ratafication” he could memorise each and every word written on page and vomit it during exam exactly the same.

There were others like me with no special powers when it came to studies. As we passed our final year, and worked during internship people acted differently. Some were focused from day 1, knew that the bigger goal was clearing MD entrance. They would revise all the 4 years within that one year and get a good rank and choose the best branch. They would run away from all postings, somehow manage to get their presence marked and sit in the library and just study. Here was a catch. Many such students knew only how to study and would get frustrated during the 1st year of residency as the demands of residency would bear too heavy on them. Many such toppers have jumped from branch to branch, clearing as many entrance as you know. Some of them have written marvellous MCQ books and mentored million others in clearing entrance exams.

There were some like me who knew that a plain MBBS is worth nothing but they wanted to learn things as well, wear white coat and work with the patients. Yet the constant worry of the big exam ahead loomed heavily on head always. However, over years everyone would settle and do good in life ahead. Not all doctors are genius. We all have our shortcomings. We are as flawed as anyone else. The only thing that binds us the notion to do good for the patient.

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