Day 18 -R for Rain, Rainbows, Rivers, Restaurants, Recipes and Road


R is my favorite alphabet? Guess Why?

R stands for Rain, and I am grateful for the rains. Rains are a welcome change after the hot summers. Who does not want to get drenched in that first monsoon rains? I still remember the childhood and the fun of running around in the rain. The smell of the wet earth and that beautiful weather also transports me back to my college days. I did MBBS from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The whole western ghats would become green and one could see numerous waterfalls when on a road trip to the surrounding cities.

Dubai is a dry area and whatever little rain happens is during the winter months. Most of the times, the country has to depend on cloud seeding, a weather modification technique to bring rain. When I had initially heard about it, my reaction was, “this is not possible.” But this does happen. The fundamental principle is causing precipitation by sprinkling salt over the clouds. Aircrafts or drones are used to carry out the task. Rains bring back water to quench the earth and all the life thriving on it. So without rains underground water level decreases. Most of the areas in the world still depend on rainwater for harvest.

With sun and rain, comes the rainbow. Carlisle is a wet city. It keeps on raining most of the days, and on some days, we can see the rainbow. Rainbows always cheer me up.

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R also stands for Rivers. Rivers are a source of water and play an important role in the water cycle. The areas around the rivers are fertile and most of the early civilizations were around rivers for this very reason. Rivers transform the very place they flow through.

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R is also for the restaurants and there are few restaurants I remember from different places and are part of beautiful memories. I am grateful for these places and the memories created there.

I was a novice cook when i got married. Having left home at the age of 17 for medical college, I had never learnt cooking from my mother. When I shifted with my In Laws, I was suddenly in a very delicate situation. Had it not been the recipes shared over internet, my cooking would have never improved. I am grateful for all the recipes shared.

Finally, R stands for Road. Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations and I am thankful for all the roads which I have travelled.

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