Change is the only constant!

 It’s 6 am in the morning. The alarm goes tring-tring. In the haze of the sleep, I search for the culprit, spreading out my hands wide over the bedside table. My hand manages to catch the mobile phone. Gone are the days of the old-styled table clocks, which could be shut with a thump on the top. The mobile phone has replaced everything it could from wristwatches, table clocks to Walkman and radios. Even in that dreamy state, my hand knows which swipe will turn the alarm off. Slowly, I drag myself from the supine to sitting position, dragging my pillows to comfort me along. My eyes are closed all the while trying to resist any attempt to wake up. The light outside steadily keeps knocking over the curtains of the optics ushering in the new day.

Change is the only constant in the world. Nothing stays the same. The earth keeps rotating and revolving bringing in day and night, new seasons and newer years. Even though we try to stay the same, each moment inadvertently we keep on changing. I am not the same person; I was years before. Neither are you. The tiny seed grows into a full tree, the little child who you thought was your mini-me is already taller and smarter than you. Yet, each day we want to stay the same. We keep resisting the change! Only if we could embrace this constant, wouldn’t life be much peaceful and more beautiful.

We waste much of our time, thinking about the past and fretting over the future we have not seen. Some things in life are inevitable, like ageing, skin sagging down, greying of hair, not being the same weight or not having the same energy, kids moving out, children getting married and the relationship not being the same. Either we can accept the changes and work at adjusting to them or just keep fretting on how they were better before. The choice is ours to make for our own peaceful existence. As the spring arrives, the plants who have seen harsh winter strip them off the leaves, start flowering again. What if the plants too were afraid of the change! Embracing and accepting the change is the only logical and natural solution to all the unnecessary anxieties.

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