Battling your Inner fears!


Battling your Inner fears!

“Ah! there is nothing in this world that I fear.” shouted a timid voice from the depth of the heart.

“If you were not afraid, Why did you not say “Yes”? asked the hidden alter ego!

“It’s complex! you will not understand. What do you even know about my life, my challenges? shouted that voice again. “It is easy for you to comment, to say, but the one who faces the music is me, and not you.”

“So you are afraid of the consequences! Isn’t that what you are saying?” chimed in the alter ego!

“Its not fear, didn’t i just say? I just do not want to hurt anyone.”

“Well you ended up hurting yourself? or did u not count that?”

Did you have this conversation with yourself anytime? If you are one of those, its time you acknowledged that timid voice and started winning those little wars, you fight with yourself each day.

  • The first step to this, is to acknowledge the fear and stop making excuses. Most of the times, its just an anxiety based on our previous experiences or on what we have heard. I personally, always get a cold feet when i have to go government offices, banks, police stations and as far as i can think back, all of this stems back to the simple fact that i come from a country where government offices or anything with bureaucracy is considered to be tedious, corrupt and avoidable, if possible.
  • Once you have acknowledged the fear, Do give it a name, and try to analyze why you feel so. Most of fears stem from the subconscious.
  • Clear your mind by deep breathing. Slow breaths in and out are a good way to come out of anxiety.
  • Think of the best possible and the worst possible outcome. Usually, the best possible outcome is a good enough motivation to keep moving out of the shadows of fear.
  • Talk to your close friends who are able to motivate you and disperse away your fears.
  • Keep a positive outlook.
  • Take small steps each day.

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