Day 21 – U for Umbrella, Universe & Unexpected Surprises


Umbrella is my saviour in this rainy city. Were it not for the umbrella, my son would be wet half of the days, because unlike me he never wears the rainproof jacket. I am grateful for Umbrellas.

U stands for Universe. We all are just the tiny specs in this big universe. The gifts of universe are many. The Sun, the moon, the earth and the life on it, the planets and the stars. The universe encompasses all. We all are just puppets playing our role in the script written. When the Universe is in harmony, life’s full of balance and positivity. A day this harmony breaks, and we humans like toys break apart. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Landslides, Tsumanis, Do I need to say more? Universe humbles me and I’m grateful to be that tiny little spec.

Unexpected surprises always bring in joy and remain etched in memory for long. Whether it is an exam result, a loved one visiting without intimation or a surprise birthday party or a gift. They all bring in happiness.

My son was in Grade 1 then. Once I finished work early and went to pick him up from school. He was so ecstatic. He would always ask me, to do that again without telling him.

This happened a few years earlier. My husband and son planned a perfect midnight birthday party, and I didn’t have a clue.

Aren’t such unexpected surprises memories for life?

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