Ache din kab aayenge (अच्छे दिन कब आएंगे ) When will good days come !!


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I was in India in 2014 when Modi ji came to power. Though I shifted to Dubai the same year, I kept hearing about ” अच्छे दिन”.  Back home, I would keep hearing about 24 hr electricity, clean water, better opportunities for work and I would keep thinking that yes better days are arriving.Mind you I’m not a political person, neutral you may call…niether bhakt nor anti.

Now a days I find myself wondering about good days !! Unlike others who are frustrated staying home due to a lockdown, I sincerely wish to be at home. Being frontline covid warriors, our life has suddenly been thrown into a tandem. I would always look forward to the holy month of Ramadan because life would become slow and lazy for all here. We would get more family time, more time for self but this year Ramadan came and went and we didn’t even realize.

Life has suddenly been thrown out of gear. No longer does one find solace in the activities which otherwise would be stress buster. There is a sense of impending doom and that uncertainty which surrounds one and all. People have lost jobs, salaries, and there is a downward spiral of the economy.

For the past few months, I have hardly visited my blog. There’s a tandem of thoughts buried somewhere, yet I do not want them out. Will there be anyone who will genuinely listen to these thoughts?

Just the other day I was wondering about this concept of ” frontline covid warriors.” My thoughts went to armed forces. When a war happens, does anyone give a thought to the brave soldier who dies. Many die in the name of country. A few are remembered, and showered with awards. Many die unheard.

This time, it’s the medical warriors. Not another country, or another human but a tiny virus who has waged the war against humans. Fighting it would have been easier had their been a support system. But the only support any medico gets are expectations….from a patient to treat and be the God till he survives, from managements to be productive, from society at large to be know it all. In the past few months, did anyone stop forward and ask how their families are coping it up. Do they need support with children, food etc. No, it was a war to be fought alone with numerous penalties if you failed.

A few days back one of the Bollywood stars committed suicide. “Sushant Singh Rajput” I had liked his work and then everywhere people started talking about depression, and social , intelligence and emotional quotient.

What happened with him, can happen with anyone. We as a society are quick to judge and place our expectations. Yet, when have we ever formed that support system free of judgement and expectations. Right from childhood, the only expectation is to Excel. It is this pressure which pushes a person to loneliness and depression. Higher the ladder, little the support.

We can’t change the world in a tandem. But let each one of us look back at the immediate family and talk to them daily, and listen, just listen without a judgement, without an expectation whether it’s elderly or the middle aged or the youth or just the child. Each age has its own problems and in these troubled times, they have intensified.

Let’s bring back the good times !! Because life is not in the numbers but in memories created.

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