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In today’s busy life, most of us know doctors only from the Grays’ anatomy, unless we have one in family. The career of a doctor seems glamourous from far. They have been loved when they have managed to save the lives and they have been equally hated and cursed when they have not able to save one. They have been beaten up by ugly mobs. They have been criticized for charging hefty fees. They are being accused of eccentric, weird and unfriendly. Yet most doctors are as humans as anyone else. Yes, they have seen life and death more closely than many and that’s what keeps them grounded and sane.

Once you take the Hippocrates oath, there is no day and night for a doctor. While most professionals can switch off the phones and take a break, a doctor is working even when he is on break. The responsibility for human life goes beyond the confines of working hours. You might not see them working, they may not see you as frequently even when you are admitted, but they take the full responsibility of the patient they have admitted under them. Sometimes, they might not respond to your calls or messages, but that does not mean they do not care for their patients. They might have a more serious patients who might require much more attention. Just always bear this in mind!

Usually, the one who bears the brunt of this all is the doctors close family. Doctors wives and children usually get well adjusted to the long duty hours. The children know from an early age that they won’t be available for every minor or even major event of their lives and that they have a greater responsibility towards the society. This does not lessen their pain though, especially when they see their peers with full parental presence.

With the current pandemic doctors have become more burdened, not just from the societal expectations but because of the daily calamities which unfolds in front of their eyes. Its another thing to read it in the newspapers or see it on the TV, and a totally different being a part of it. The virus does not differentiate between black and white, young and old, Muslim, Hindu or Christian. A month before when I took up this challenge of A2Z, things in India looked bad. Sitting afar, all I could do was just pray and pass message to people to mask up and avoid gatherings. Within a month, the things have taken an ugly turn. I wanted to portray the human side of doctors who are most often misunderstood. Through this post, i want to convey to all those who still feel invincible and who find it easy to blame virus or government or doctors that each one can still do their part by just being a little more empathic, a little more responsible and a little more understanding. Its not easy being a doctor, its never easy to break the news of death, its never easy to tell someone that things will be ok, when we know we ourselves are not sure.

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