My first trip to Lake District

 May 7, 2023

It’s Sunday evening already and I had promised myself, this time I will continue my blogging attempts even after the A2Z CHALLENGE is over. So here I am the 1st Sunday of May with a blank page and a blank mind not knowing what to write.

The weather is getting better, and some days it is bright and sunny with a warm 16C. Yesterday, it was beautiful sunny day until the moment we decided to step out and the rain decided to remind us that no matter what, in Carlisle you should always have your rain jacket or umbrella with you. The days are long, and I am waiting for the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. The aura around is beautiful, with trees turning green again, cherry blossoms around and tulips in many gardens and park. Life is beautiful, but only if we choose to see the beautiful part.

Bitt’s park. Morning stroll

The other day, I ventured out to see the much talked about Lake District. The serenity of the place impressed me. We took a train to Penrith. It took us 15 minutes by train. At Penrith, we took a bus to Aira Force Waterfalls. The hiking part was fun, and my son couldn’t control not jumping over the rocks in the river. I was worried about him getting wet. He finally did skip a rock, and got his shoes wet.

Aira Force Waterfall

Later, we just sat gazing at the beautiful Ullswater lake. Fortunately, it was a sunny day, and we enjoyed the weather and the calm. We took a steamer from Aira Force Pier to Glenridding. Glenridding is the base for hiking to Helvellyn, which is the third highest peak in England. We strolled around the lake and then took a bus back to Penrith. It was a beautiful day spent without devices and in the lap of nature.

I met an old couple there and we had a nice chat. They regaled me about stories when they were younger and could do all the mountaineering. Now being old, all they could do was level walk. This I felt a contrast to what happens in our culture. Parents either limit themselves to religious places or they depend on their children, or end up taking care of children till last moments. Parents in old age do need their time and enjoyment.

What I saw in my family and families around, was that life long sacrifice for kids and then that expectation that they will reciprocate. Yet, each child when he or she grows up had his own struggles of life. I love the family concept and the love I have felt. Yet, I believe we Indians also need to learn this concept to enjoy when we get time in old age and not just pine for the children. I am blessed in that my parents have their nice own circle and enjoy in their little ways.

I am now more confident about exploring more of Lake district, now that i have taken the first plunge.

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