H – Home, Husband, Honey, Hugs, Handlooms and Handicrafts.

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Home is where Love resides, Memories are created, Friends and Family Belong and Laughter Ends.


I am grateful that I have a home full of love and memories. A house is just a brick-structure, its the people who reside in it make it a home with their thoughtfulness and emotions. I have never been attached to places, all i need is the favorite people around me and I can be comfortable even in cold Siberia. Currently juggling two cities, I hope and pray that we will be together soon.

I am thankful for Honey. Honey is better than plain sugar in blood sugar management and contains antioxidants. I like Honey over waffles and crepes, and I prefer substituting it for refined sugar wherever I can.

Hug is comforting, irrespective of moment being sad or happy. Hugs make one feel loved and cared. Hugs reduce stress and help communicate unsaid emotions. I am grateful for the Hugs.

Sometimes in life you just need a hug. No words, No advice, Just a hug to make you feel better.


H also stands for Health. Only when we fall sick, we realise what we are missing. Most of us take our health for granted, never paying attention to the little cues. I too have been guilty overworking and overstretching both physically and mentally. However, now i am getting a little wiser, and I try to eat healthy and walk regularly.

I love Handicrafts and Handlooms and I am grateful to the artisans who are trying to keep this art from dying. Handicrafts just transform the space and make it look more magical. They give an earthy and rustic look. I have always tried to promote handicrafts by buying them from artisans directly and they are my choicest gift.

I like all different Indian Handlooms, Banarasi, Paithani, Bandhani, Chanderi and Mysore silk to a name few. I fell in love with the Paithani sarees during rural internship in Paithan. The sarees are woven on a Handloom, which is operated by hand or foot, unlike the power looms where most of the modern textiles are made. What is special about the paithani sarees are the intricate motifs and designs and the gold and silver threads. I wanted to buy Paithani during my internship then, but a mearge stipend of Rs 1700 was no way near to the price of those. Bandhani is another favorite of mine, Handlooms are knitted in an easy way, providing a breathable fabric. They are made of organic material, which is eco-friendly and biodegradable. I am also fond of the various embroideries, done by hand. Chikankari being my all-time most favorite.

One of my lovely friends settled in Paithan. She is a practicing gynecologist and I could not think of anyone else other than her, to showcase the beautiful sarees which are a pride of India. She has a lovely collection of these sarees, and the images have been posted with her consent.

This post cannot be complete without mention of my Husband. He is my best friend, confidante, soulmate and my biggest cheer leader and has always pushed me to pursue my dreams. Unlike many, he just does not say. His actions make him a total feminist. My moving to UK meant his staying alone, learning to manage house and cook and he has become total independent and actually a better cook than me. I am grateful for his presence in my life.

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