Day 15 – O for Office and Outdoor life.


Day 15 – O for Office and Outdoor life.

O stands for Office. I am blessed that I can daily go to work and have a beautiful office space. In the current age, most people spend more time at work and with work colleagues than at home and with their families. So the harmony and decor at the work place is important. My office room has computer and microscope and most of the day is spent looking at the slides. I did add a personal touch to my space by adding beautiful pics and greeting cards gifted by colleagues at different places I have worked over years. My office has a big window through which I peek outside to give relief to my eyes, as constant microscopy does take it’s toll. I do get occasional glimpses of the beauty outside, like the other day I saw a beautiful rainbow.

Rainbow from my office window.

O also stands for Outdoors and I am completely an outdoor person. I love being outdoors with nature. I like to go on long walks and being in the nature’s lap. I love sea and mountains alike. For the last 24 weeks, have been completing 10,000 steps each day. Most of the incentive to walk has been the beautiful nature where I live. The clean and pure fresh air, the cool weather and beautiful sights keep pushing me to complete target each day.

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