Random Musings on Woman’s day !

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Early morning, I was driving to work. As usual, City 101.6 FM was playing in my car. Today’s highlight was Boss Lady list celebrating International Woman’s Day. One song just caught my attention, “Mere Naughty Saiyaan Ji”, sung by Yo Yo honey Singh and Neha Kakkar and featuring Nushrat Bharucha. These days its very frequently played on radio, and I couldn’t not help noticing the irony. Woman’s day is all about woman empowerment and here two famous singers are empowering woman by making her dance in front of a drunkard.

“Matkaun Main Kamariya
Dheere Dheere Dheere Dheere
Saiyaan Ji Samne Baithe
Jam Peere Peere Peere”

Sometimes, I wonder at the hypocrisy of society. From promoting fairness creams to glorifying being drunk and at the mercy of an alcoholic. What legacy do we want our next generation to carry forward? or is at just a game of money.

A few months back, I came across one of my childhood friend. Now, this was a smart, sensitive and intelligent girl. I remembered her back then to be a bubbly girl full of life. She would write deep philosophical poems about life and death. We lost touch as we grew up other than an occasional sneak into each others social media. The girl was now a depressed and an anxious soul. She had been a successful professional but left job to accompany her husband abroad. She was not able to conceive for almost 5 years post marriage and was at the receiving end of all the sarcasm and comments her in laws could save for her. All I could do was to give an ear to her when she needed, but this brings back the question, What’s the use of forwarding Woman’s day messages and posting on social media.

Empowerment begins at home. Empowerment begins by helping those who are around you, by uplifting them. Woman4woman is just not a hashtag. There are many around you who are having difficulty standing up, give them the power to stand. Listen to them, sometimes a kind word and smile is more than enough.

Till then, we have a long way to go!!

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