I’m not a strong woman and its okay!


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International Woman Day is over. The social media was buzz with Strong woman. Every one took delight in celebrating and rejoicing with them. There was an increase in sale of pink roses. The marketing teams of hospitals, salons, malls were busy luring females to spend their money. My mind however, went to not so strong women out there. I do act bravely all the time. Most of the time, I tell you it’s just acting. Deep down, i am still that little girl who gets tongue tied at the thought of taking to strangers.

I am not a strong woman. I am emotional. I get teary eyed now and then. I have mood swings. I get angry. I get upset and when that happens, i can cry buckets. I do have dreams, but I am lazy too. I do not complete the projects I take up and many a times I do give up. My home is not clean always. My kid is not at the top of the class and my career too is just an average. I am not that lean skinny model. In-fact, I am overweight, yet i do over indulge in ice-creams and sweets. There are times when I have tired matching up to the standards of these strong women who balance chic houses, well behaved intelligent over achiever kids, an equally glorious career. But over the years, I have just stopped competing with the likes of these strong woman and have learnt to find happiness in my own chaos.

I am an average female, and i know there are many like me out there. Many who are struggling trying to balance the work and the home. Some have given up the balancing and are content in whatever they choose. Be it work, be it family, be it kids.

It is not necessary to be a superwoman.

I am writing this post to tell every woman out there that it is okay to be what you are. One cannot have everything. What is important is to be content and happy in what you are and what you have. Whether you are a working woman or a stay at home, its okay to have messy homes or underachiever kids. Its okay to not look the best at all times and its perfectly alright to feel whatever you do.

If you are sad and depressed, that’s okay too. You cant be happy all the time. What is not okay is you not seeking help. It may be just your friend or your family, but you do need to talk out and vent out whatever you feel.

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