Wash away your Worries !

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There was a life before covid, where the mantra was work, earn and then enjoy. I would love travelling and now it has been more than 1.5 years and I have not stepped inside an airplane. Even though many of my friends have travelled back to India, i am more scared to get that swab inside my nose. The very 1st time, I had to get the covid pcr test done was in June 2020, when I had got fever and cold. My nose had bled after the nurse took the sample, and she had to press at the base of nose for next 10 minutes. I had walked back home tired and the moment I had put my head on pillow, I had started coughing. The clot had dislodged and it had started bleeding again. Ever since, getting a covid test is a nightmare for me, so i simply refuse to go anywhere.

Earlier, I would look forward to going on vacation. Now, it feels stuck in the rut. At the end of 2020, it had felt may be 2021 would be good for the grieving world. 2021 with covid 1.1 and then 1.2 and ever since it has been mutating, causing surges somewhere in the world. We had our worst surge in Jan – Feb. Those days it would be stressful at work with workload increasing exponentially, along with increase in patient dissatisfaction and a constant fear of getting infected. As the numbers decreased here, news from India started pouring and now it feels once India settles, may be it would be our turn again, like the ping pong ball.

Whenever, I find myself losing hope, and grappling with fear and worries, I turn to books. Though I am not able to read books which make me worried, I try to find light romances to distract me. My other strategy is to write out my worries and thoughts. I would be a regular with yoga and meditation and they have always helped me relax. Somehow, when I went back to work this year, I lost touch with this practice of mine. These days, I am trying to again get back into putting 30 minutes aside each day to relax me. Cooking is another stress buster for me. Trying my hand on new dishes keeps my mind occupied giving me less time to focus on what more could go wrong! My husband has a different way of relaxing. He goes backs to spending his time in research. When he gets tired doing that, he spends time on OTT platforms / Youtube and does binge watching.

Reducing time watching the depressing news / and reducing time on social media also helps me relax. What are your strategies to keep the worries at bay?

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