Let go !!!

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These are stressful times. The word has turned upside down in a matter of few months. Earlier all we had on our mind was Work !!! Work !!! till the next vacation. After those few days of de-stress, we would again be back as work horses in the corporate culture which truthfully doesn’t give a damn to your personal goals and aspirations, yet our twisted loyalty kept us going.

So Covid 19 brought the world to a standstill. Many lost their jobs as the companies, and others started working from home, and the boundaries between working hours got more blurred. The other day I was talking to one of my friend. He has been working from home since March. Pre-covid, once he would leave office,it meant family time and home. These days, he said there’s no such distinction. Clients call at 11 in night and even on weekends. Needless to say, working or not we all are stressesd.

Last week, I wrote about few minutes of mindfulness, and how that has helped me keep my cool. You can read the post Journey to Peace Within !!

My second mantra to life is to Let go!! Let go what is detrimental to my inner peace.

We all carry a lot of baggage around, traumatic past, painful memories, grudges against not just others but even against self. Does that even serve us any purpose, other than making us sad, depressed and resentful.



I know its easier said than done, but unless one gets up and owns the responsibility of doing it they will never be able to move ahead. Whether it is a traumatic relationship with self, a friend, a parent, a child, a spouse or may be in these days traumatic employee – boss relationship, Its only you have to be brave enough to let go if its more pain than you can tolerate.

Many a times we come across such toxic relationships. People just keep going thinking one day it will get better. They keep on tolerating and hoping things will change. I don’t say just move away on the 1st instance, but yes if you have given it your best, and the other side still treats you negatively either by habit or deliberately ..just move on. You only have to stand for yourself. If you don’t, noone else will.

Similarly, if you have gone through a hard time in your life, and the memories are just an emotional baggage. You have to mindfully let them go. It doesn’t happen in a day. Give yourself a timeline and slowly start yourself engaging in things which keep you happy.

Reading, cooking, writing, music, photography, gym, exercise, running, or whatever it takes to keep your mind from wandering there. Believe me over days, you won’t feel like revisiting those memories.

It’s not just the cleanliness of house and the surroundings , but the cleanliness of mind which keeps one healthy.

See you next Thursday. Do let me know if your thoughts on this.

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