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I usually drive a long way to work. Even on off hours, its approx 30 min drive on the highway with my car cruising between 90 to 110 km/hr. The moment you sit in the car, do you know how the drive would be. Would you find traffic jam on the way? Would you expect any disaster ? Even if you drive mindfully and cautiously, Would you expect other drivers to behave and obey the driving rules? The answer to all this is “No”. Yet, do I ask these questions to anyone, everytime I start driving. Absolutely No. Then why do we start asking such questions to a doctor.

A few years back, I remember an elderly patient admitted in my husband’s ICU. The patient was a chronic alcoholic with liver damage and dementia. As he was getting better and about to be discharged, his daughter asked, “He doesn’t like food without alcohol, with what food can he be served it so that it’s side effect is reduced?” There is no answer to this ridiculous question. Yet, such questions are common.

When someone is sick they start expecting the worst. When will I be ok? Would the treatment help me? The other patient was given this medicine, should I take it? Something similar is happening right now, with covid situation in India. Can a doctor predict which patient will be get severe disease. Yes and No. Those with risk factors like obesity, hypertension, diabetes are at a greater risk but it does not mean every person with such comorbidities will fair bad. It also does not mean that a totally healthy individual cannot get severe disease. The media adds lot more to the confusion. With so much information, everyone is a doctor. Can a doctor tell by which day fever will go. He can give an approximate idea, and he’s telling one to be watchful so that he can decide which patient to prioritise. Yet, he cannot answer what will happen to you. A doctor is another human being and not a God. There is a plethora of symptoms and every person can have a different predominant symptom. Covid is still a new disease even for doctors and most of the drugs including the famous Remdesivir has not proven to be much effective. Not every patient is same, let your doctor decide if you really need the drug and let it be used for those who really need it, especially in this crucial time.

The WhatsApp has made such questions much more common. I remember one of my pediatrician friend being sent pic of child’s potty by an overanxious parent.  Most of the times doctors do tend to be patient to many queries, but imagine the plight of a doctor checking potty colours.

I recently saw a very nice video by the famous theatre actor Rajivnemaindori on Instagram reels. Trust your doctor rather than quacks, media and your neighbours. You can watch that video here-  Rajivnemaindori

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