Day 24 – X for X-rays, Those who go that Xtra-Mile, Xmas

 April 26, 2023

X rays has been one of the greatest discovery of all time. I am grateful for them. They revolutionised the diagnostic healthcare. One can easily get diagnose so many conditions with an easy non invasive modality.

Imagine having through get your stuff checked at airport without x ray scanners. Wouldn’t it be a nightmare. Thanks to William Rontgen!

We always had someone who went in an Xtra mile just to help. There are millions of such people out there and I am thankful to each one of them. It could be a friend who stayed late just to make sure you were okay, or a teacher who took extra lesson so that class could understand a difficult lesson, or a nurse who calmed your fears down, or a doctor who responded beyond his duty hours, or even a stranger who walked the way just to show you one.

Xmas has been one festival, I have always waited for. I studied in a Convent. Xmas used to be a school celebration. We would have Carol singing and Santa would distribute sweets. This would be start of the small winter break till new year. Over the years, I have seen that last week as a relaxing period to reflect and get ready for new year and new beginnings.

I am writing this post as a part of A2Z Challenge hosted by Blogchatter. #BlogchatterA2Z2023

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